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A Profitable breed of cattle.

The Montbeliarde Breed – A Profitable Future. The Montbeliarde is a red and white breed of cattle that originated in the east of France in the 19th century, and was officially recognized as a breed in 1889, 115 years ago.

The east of France is a mountainous area with a very continental climate (hot summers and cold winters) , which made it necessary to select for a very hardy type of cow, not only able to produce plenty of milk but also to withstand the difficult conditions.

Today, the Montbeliarde breed is the second largest dairy breed in France as well as in Ireland, in both numbers of animals and in total milk production. It is the only breed that is currently growing in France thanks to its many economical advantages, in fact the breed has seen an increase of 37% in the last 20 years.

A Hardy Breed
Large Milk Yield
Growth in France

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10th December 2018

DECEMBER PROOFS RELEASE JURA-BETAIL, YOUR MONTBELIARDE SUPPLIER This proofs’ release brings a great selection and as always, Jura-Bétail is offering you the best of the Montbeliarde genetic through performances and diversity. # HARPON JB, 160 points of ISU, number 1 of the breed among progeny tested sires! # 9 new genomic sires for the export range with an average of 147 points of ISU, +662 kg of milk, 113 in Total Type, 115 in Udders and coming from 9 different sires of son. IF YOU LOOK FOR : Within young bulls: - Milk: NORTUG JB (Milk + 1,174), MARITON JB (Milk +1,129), MERCATO JB (Milk +1,117), JOSTIK JB (Milk +1,066) and MIZUNO JB (Milk +1,018). - Terrific udders : MAULEON JB (UD 128), NANTUA JB (MA 126), NUMERIC JB (UD 125), MAXENT JB (UD 125) and NAZDAK JB (UD 123). - Crossbreeding: NINO JB, MAULEON JB, NITCHI JB, MEETIC JB, LINAO JB, NAILLAC JB, MIZUNO JB, NEXEN JB and LATINO JB. - Calving ease: MAGIC JB, JUMPER JB, IMATUR JB, NINO JB, JERRY JB, MEETIC JB and JISCO JB. - Type: JITEUF JB (Ty 125), MAULEON JB (Ty 122), MEMORY JB (Ty 120) and LUDIC JB (Ty 120). Within our progeny tested bulls: - Milk: HARPON JB (Milk +793), FUNKY JB (Milk +690) and ITACHI JB (Milk +654). - For robots: HARPON JB, ITACHI JB, HIGORA JB, FRACAS JB and HELLEAN JB. - Terrific udders : FLIPEX JB (UD 121), FRIPON JB (UD 120), GALPAGE JB (UD 118) and HAENDEL JB (UD 116). - Healthy udders with ABSOLU JB (UdHe +1.9), VALFIN JB (UdHe +1.8) and HIGORA JB (UdHe +1.6). - An outstanding reproduction with GALPAGE JB (+1.1), HAMID JB (+1.0) and GRANIT JB (+0.8). - Type : ESPRIT JB (Ty 117), HAENDEL JB (Ty 117), FLASH JB (Ty 117), HONORIS JB (Ty 116) and FLIPEX JB (Ty 115). SEXED SEMEN OFFER 16 bulls are available today in female sexed semen at 90%: HARPON JB, MAULEON JB, NITCHI JB, NAILLAC JB, MIZUNO JB, MERCKX JB, MALOX JB, MARITON JB,  MODELO JB, LISTORY JB, LIROUD JB, LUCHO JB, JINOX JB, IOSHI JB, HEFFROI JB and HIKORIS JB. Montbeliarde Proofs_Jura Betail_December 2018
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