Monty Mania sale this Friday

MONTBELIARDE UK’s – ‘MONTY MANIA’ incorporating THE THIRD ANNUAL HOLBECK CALF SALE At Beeston Castle Auction, on Friday 3rd May.

120 PEDIGREE & PUREBRED MONTBELIARDES: Montbeliarde UK’s First Society Sale of Pedigree and Registered Cattle comprising approximately 40 Milking Cows & Heifers, 36 summer and autumn calving heifers consigned directly from FRANCE by Coopex Montbeliarde and 42 Maiden Heifers and Calves being the Third HOLBECK Heifer Sale on behalf of R Sharman & Sons, New Holbeck Farm, Halam, Newark, Notts. Also 3 Stock Bulls.

The catalogue can be viewed on the Wright Manley website

At Beeston Castle, CW6 9NZ