Coopex show

The Coopex Show 2014 will take place in Bourg-en-Bresse (one hour from Geneva and one hour from Lyon) on the 4th and 5th of February 2014.
It’s the biggest event for the Montbeliarde breed in France with last years attendance being 4000 people including 350 foreigner customers from more than 25 countries.
On the first day, some farm visits are organized to see how MontbĂ©liarde cows are bred in France in different farming systems, then on the second day, a big progeny show will take place with daughters by URBANISTE, TRIOMPHE, UROCHER, UGOSTAR, ULEMO and UNCHOIX … but also from the new bulls CRASAT, CORTIL, CORSICA, DIOR and DRIBBLE….
It is a great occasion to meet other users of Coopex genetics and with other Montbeliarde farmers (both pure breeders and also those in crossbreeding).
To travel from the UK why not join the BAY FARM TOURS trip by calling 01524 423444
For further details on the trip, either contact the secretary or Bay Farm Tours.