Report on Jura Trip

Helene from Jura Betail reports on the recent Show and tour in France attended by some of our UK members.

This 2015 session has set high standards for the next coming years: a change of scenery so cows are better enhanced and seen , a quality of progenies always at the top level, an intense enthusiasm among involved breeders and our guests.
In conclusion, Wednesday, March 18 has once more conquered users of Jura-Bétail genetic
Let’s have a little glimpse:
This year again, Jura-Bétail technicians have given everything to offer an impressive show.
There were 80 cows and heifers that have been showed on the ring to present the qualities of their sires. We have discovered progenies of 2014 sires: EPERON JB, ETAIN JB, DEVIL JB and DREMEL JB; the very first progenies of 2015 sires with FLASH JB, FUNKY JB and ESPRIT JB.
And, as it’s always a pleasure for our guests’ eyes, we’ve shown progenies of well-known sires that are now Sires of son: APPOLO JB, VALFIN JB, VIRTUEL JB and VIGOR JB.
Best Udder – New Sires 2014-2015: Great Champion – New Sires 2014-2015 :
Hantise, DEVIL JB’s daughter Hortensia – FLASH JB’s daughter
Best Udder Juraparc 2015: Great Champion Juraparc 2015:
Harmonie – VIGOR JB’s daughter Filature – UBERLU JB’s daughter
The following day of the genetic presentation is always filled with farm visits. It gives breeders from different countries the occasion to discuss with local breeders and between each other to bring back advices about farm management. For our distributors, it’s the opportunity to discover our new offer and share their own experiences.
On the way, we make a stop at Barretaine to look at Corrida, Merci Jb’s daughter.
She was at the Simagena show this year at Paris where she showed, in her 3rd lactation, a production at 9,480 kg of milk in 305 days, with 40.5 Fat and 38.6 Protein.
At the farm EARL du Saugie, at Gillois, it’s the occasion to see snow for the first time of their life for few of our visitors (altitude 820 meters) and also to learn about the benefits of hanging holly to avoid skin disorders on animals.
Here, calving is at about 32 months old and the 38 cows in milk show a production of 8,108 kg of milk in average.
Numerous embryo transfers are carried out in this herd. An interesting topic for breeders who look for working on the best Jura-Bétail strains.
The road goes on through Les Chalesmes, at the farm EARL Yvan Melet where we find Fée, DACIER JB’s daughter who was on the ring the day before at Juraparc.
In her 2nd lactation, she has recorded 9,386 kg of milk in 305 days in her 1st lactation.
After a well-deserved lunch break, we hit the road till the Pont du Navoy to visit the farm GAEC Droz Grey.
It’s the occasion to see a progeny group of VALFIN JB which reminds everyone about the homogeneity that he brings and particularly on the udder. ==>
It’s also during this visit that our visitors get a precise vision of the meticulous work the Jura-Bétail technicians do specifically with lots of methods for mating plans: evidence is made in this herd where the 92 cows in milk are issued from 52 different sires.
With Jura-Bétail, we guarantee variability!
We conclude our farming day at the farm EARL de L’Eteinche at Oussières to admire a herd of tremendous quality including 2 cows:
Florelle, who was at the Agriculture show in Paris a month ago. DAX JB’s daughter, she is in her 2nd lactation and has produced 7,882 kg of milk in 289 days in her 1st lactation.
And Galaxie, VIGOR JB’s daughter, in her 2nd lactation.