Congratulations to the Livestock Event competition winners

Many thanks to everyone who either attended our stand or helped man it this week at the Livestock event.
Our calf judging competition with four calves supplied by Club Chairman Ian Sharman was very popular.
Thanks to judge Clive Norbury, Wright Marshall – who placed the calves in the order 4395, 4396, 4400, 4401 and featured two Montbeliarde x Charolais and two Montbeliarde x Belgian Blues.

Winners were as follows –
Bradley Thompson (Buxton, Derbyshire) 30 x Alderley Anderson sponsored by Genus ABS
Olivia Grindley (Cumbria) 5 doses of Flash JB from Formakin Genetics
Peter Keniwell (Shropshire) 10 doses of Montbeliarde semen from Coopex Montbeliardes
Beth Robson (Newton Rigg College, Penrith) half a tonne of calf feed from GLW Feeds.
Thanks especially to our four sponsors.
There were over 100 entrants.