New Montbeliarde ProCROSS offering from ABA Viking

A typical ProCROSS, Viking Red x Montbeliarde x Viking Holstein – providing greater benefit than other breed combinations from health traits, efficient production and genetic diversity according to ABA Viking

PC cow at grass

ABA Viking to market ProCROSS bull line-up

ProCROSS – the only three-way dairy crossbreeding programme in the world to be underpinned by independent research – will be marketed in the UK by ABA Viking.

Greater emphasis will also be placed on genomic bulls, in line with customer expectation to be at the forefront of scientific advance.

ProCROSS is the rotational breeding of Montbeliarde over Viking Red and Holstein. Three-way crossbreeding is more successful where there is the most genetic diversity, while maximising the complementary strengths, between each of the breeds.

The ProCROSS combination outperformed others in independent trials at the University of Minnesota as a result of the higher production potential of Viking Red and Montbeliarde, compared with the other Red and Alpine dairy breeds.

Roger Trewhella of ABA Viking commented: “It will be far easier for farmers to be able to source those sires best suited to ProCROSS among the Viking Reds, Montbeliardes and Viking Holsteins.

“The research, coupled with fifteen years practical experience, which ProCROSS is based on, gives farmers confidence and removes the lottery of choosing breeds and sires at random.”

This marketing agreement follows the termination of the previous arrangement with ABS Genus, and becomes operational from 1st October 2016.