Successful UK Dairy Expo – Judging Results

Many visited the Montbeliarde UK trade stand at UK Dairy Expo on Saturday 11th March, with over 60 people entering our calf judging competition on the stand.

Ferreol Roche (Coopex) agreed to master judge the pen of four maiden heifers kindly supplied by Messrs Wilson (Blackcombe Montbeliardes). The final placings were Y (388) X (390) B (422) A(426), with just four people having the correct placings, congratulations to the winners:

Martin Ellis, David Cotton, Rob Warburton and EA Kitching

calves in pen at expo

(Correct order of calves from left to right YXBA)

Thanks to members who joined us on the day, to support us welcoming and talking to visitors on the stand and once again to Michael Wilson and Laura Teesdale for bringing the calves and making the first show for the Society such a success!