Herds Competition Results 2017-2018

At the 2019 Society AGM held in Norfolk the results of the 2017-2018 Herds Competition were announced, now those winners not there in person to collect their awards should have had a surprise envelope in the post with their winning certificates in we can publish the full results. Well done to one and all.

Please note the following if you feel your cow/ heifer should maybe be featured and isn’t
– The animal must have completed its lactation during the year October 2017 to September 2018, however if its lactation is extended past 305 days its figures and completed lactation will not be triggered or entered until such a time as it is dried off.
– the results are quite dated and refer to the 2017-2018 recording year, so quite often animals you expect to feature particularly in the lifetime class will not appear until next year.

This is another reason for the delay in published results as we have been verifying queries on animals which are not in fact eligible/ qualifying in the defined periods – very complicated but we think correct and the same rules apply to everyone.

herds comp results 2017-2018