Animal Search


The Animal Search Facility provide members with the option to search the whole of the UK herd book to view all Montbeliarde animals registered as pedigree in the UK.


Please click here to visit the 'Animal Search' facility provided by NBDC. Guide on how to use Animal Search:
  1. Choose 'MONTBELIARDE UK' from the Society options.
  2. From here you have a multitude of ways you can search the UK Herd Book for animals.
  3. Specifically, just using the ‘Search’ field, you can search by entering part or the whole name or eartag to find an animal.
  4. If you are looking at several animals at once you are able to filter the columns by A–Z or by eldest or youngest and so on.
  5. Next to each animal there is a factsheet and ancestry tab which can be viewed. Alternatively, you can also just click on the animal’s name and this will alternate between the individual animal’s factsheet and ancestry record.
Only want to view your Herd? If you just wish to specifically search and view your own pedigree herd registered with the Society please click here to Animal Search Pedigree Certificates. (Note: you will need your PIN number to access this service as the Pedigree Certificates facility also allows you to view, save and print the latest Pedigree Certificate of any animal in your herd - if you no longer have your pin contact the office for assistance 01609 748385).