Eva Jura’s new export sales representative Kenan Kocer travelled from France last week to join our open meeting and meet members for the first time, previously we have welcomed Helene and Nicholas to society events.

Kenan has since sent on the latest figures and information on new bulls for April 2022 and in addition there is an explanation of the new Single Step ISU which is the French index by which Montbeliardes are ranked

This will assign more weight to mixing (milk & meat), longevity and udder health.

To download the excel spreadsheet onto your own computer or device click the link above and save the document

PLAS Dispersal – on behalf of Dafydd and Huw Mackinnon

plas cows
The Plas Catalogue is now available to view…
It is rare for a pedigree herd of Montbeliarde’s to come up for sale, and certainly this sale is not to be missed, described by Auctioneer Gwilymn Richards as some of the best Montbeliardes he has ever seen and a super herd of cows….
at 10.30 am prompt in Ring 1
(Removed from Plas Tirion Farm, Caernarfon,
North Wales, for sale convenience)

New 100T cow in the Monty breed in the UK

Delighted to share this good news from our members announced by Coopex : Congratulations to Pauline & David PILKINGTON in Lancashire for this beautiful lady who reached the legendary 100 000 kg of Milk produced in her lifetime sired by RALBAN
She has already produced 100,621 KG of milk in only 8 lactations ! She has just been milk recorded at 36.7 kg at her 5th test, and she already back in calf to JEREMIAH !
100t cow from pilkingtons

A cracking group of Montbeliarde bulls for sale from DA Geary – Montagne Montbeliardes

Looking for a working age Montbeliarde Bull? Then look no further than here!

A great selection of 10 pedigree Montbeliarde bulls available for sale. All bulls are vaccinated for Blackleg & BVD and are around 12 months of age.  The herd is TB clear with High health status and the bulls can be suitable for export.  The bulls pedigree’s can be viewed following the links below:

For further information please call Alan on 07759204807













We have had an enquiry from someone in Scotland looking to purchase a herd of circa 60-80 Montbeliardes with ideally a cross section of ages.
In the first instance if you feel you may have this available to sell please contact the Society secretary Sarah at or ring on 07710 795585.

Positive promotion of Montys by our members

As you’ll see on facebook we are delighted to promote the success of two of our members.

The Blackcombe herd in Cumbria of the Wilson family have been awarded a Highly Commended spot in the 2020 Cream awards.

The Brista herd of Peter and Fiona Bridge were featured in the 2019 The Parlimentary Review, you can read the article here….

monty- cream awards 2020stanwardine 1stanwardine 2stanwardine 3

Happy New Year to all our Members

Fr2544681598-Marguet Regis FANFANI Humeur amb copia


We have had an enquiry from a couple looking to work on a Dairy farm in the UK (preferably Scotland) – Chris who is Australian and his partner Matt (Mehmet) originally from Cyprus have been working out in Australia, – they have visa’s in place and Chris has a background in dairying with Holsteins.
They arrive in the UK around the 25th of January and further details are available directly from them:

Once here they will have their UK phones working but until then can be contacted by the below methods.

They can be contacted by Email, WhatsApp, messenger, Facebook messenger or sms.

Chris Au Mobile: +61 429 526 585
Chris UK Mobile: 07493 436017

Mehmet AU Mobile: +61 487 636 237
Mehmet UK Mobile: 07493 435222

Montbeliarde UK 2019 AGM report

The 2019 AGM and open day was another success and remains a highlight of the Montbeliarde UK calendar. Minutes of the 2019 AGM can be downloaded by clicking the link below. Following the AGM, the Crickmore family kindly welcomed visitors to the Open Day at Fen Farm. It proved to be a fascinating visit, Johnny Crickmore leading the day with a farm walk explaining the changes they have made over the years on the farming side and the afternoon filled with a tour of the processing plant where their Brie style Baron Bigod Cheese is made alongside butter and the on farm vending machine.
2019 Montbeliarde UK minutes








Herds Competition Results 2017-2018

At the 2019 Society AGM held in Norfolk the results of the 2017-2018 Herds Competition were announced, now those winners not there in person to collect their awards should have had a surprise envelope in the post with their winning certificates in we can publish the full results. Well done to one and all.

Please note the following if you feel your cow/ heifer should maybe be featured and isn’t
– The animal must have completed its lactation during the year October 2017 to September 2018, however if its lactation is extended past 305 days its figures and completed lactation will not be triggered or entered until such a time as it is dried off.
– the results are quite dated and refer to the 2017-2018 recording year, so quite often animals you expect to feature particularly in the lifetime class will not appear until next year.

This is another reason for the delay in published results as we have been verifying queries on animals which are not in fact eligible/ qualifying in the defined periods – very complicated but we think correct and the same rules apply to everyone.

herds comp results 2017-2018

2019 Montbeliarde UK AGM and Open Day – 15th and 16th October

The Annual AGM and Open Day will this year head South to Suffolk, with the AGM held on the afternoon of Tuesday 15th followed by an evening meal and presentation of the 2018 Montbeliarde UK Herds Competition Results. On Wednesday the 16th October the open day will this year be hosted by Graham, Frances, Jonny and Dulcie Crickmore and their team at Fen Farm Dairy.

The meeting of the AGM itself will be held at the earlier time of 3pm at The Waveney House Hotel, Puddingmoor, Beccles, NR34 9PL with a break in the afternoon before the evening meal at 7.30pm and culminating with the presentation of the awards for the Montbeliarde UK Herds Competition.

A copy of the Agenda, minutes of the 2018 AGM and 2019’s Annual audited accounts together with details of the venue and accommodation will be mailed to members in the next couple of days with more details.

The Open Day

Starting at 10.30am, Wednesday 16th October will involve a farm visit to the Crickmore’s, Fen Farm Dairy…

The Crickmore’s have farmed at Fen Farm for three generations, with Graham, Frances, Jonny and Dulcie now diversifying the original farming business with the addition of a pioneering cheese and butter making business alongside installing a raw milk vending machine on farm, inviting customers to their door ‘to join the raw milk revolution’. On the farm side the 950 acres supports the herd of 300 head on a late autumn calving system, with plenty more to learn about on the day both about the farm and the couples entrepreneurial spirit – this promises to be a very informative and exciting visit

agm2019 poster



fen farm from web

Invite to young Montbeliarde UK enthusiasts

Dairy Breeders Of The Future Meeting.

Holstein UK is delighted to invite two outstanding Montbeliarde young breeders with an interest in dairying to attend a breakfast meeting with Minette Batters, NFU president at UK Dairy Day for a discussion on The Future of Dairy Farming.

If you would like more details and to be part of this opportunity, representing Montbeliarde UK please call or email Sarah asap – we must have your intention and questions to pose by 28th August.


Report from Halls sale on 21st May 2019

Here is a sale report from Halls sale at Shrewsbury on 21st May – the next batch on Montbeliardes will be at Shrewsbury on 4th June,

If any members wish to enter cattle on this day they are welcome and should contact Jonny Dymond for more information, in addition Halls would be very interested in hosting a Society sale later in the year (August/September) to promote the breed further again, if anyone would like to consider consigning cattle please contact the secretary so we can gauge interest and discuss with the committee.

montys sale 21.05.19

Change to Classification Charges from 1st February



All members should please be aware that as the 1st of February the National Bovine Data Centre NBDC is implementing a 3% increase in classification charges, this will see a flat rate visit of 1-15 animals inspected rise to £108 with 16-100 inspections charged at £7.21 per animal

Cancellation within three days of the visit is also increased to £108


THE COOPEX SHOW IS BACK!!! Don’t miss an opportunity to see some of France’s finest Montbeliardes on display…

The trip runs from the 4th -7th February 2019


Download the full Itinerary including flight options by clicking here




This proofs’ release brings a great selection and as always, Jura-Bétail is offering you the best of the Montbeliarde genetic through performances and diversity.

# HARPON JB, 160 points of ISU, number 1 of the breed among progeny tested sires!

# 9 new genomic sires for the export range with an average of 147 points of ISU, +662 kg of milk, 113 in Total Type, 115 in Udders and coming from 9 different sires of son.


Within young bulls:

– Milk: NORTUG JB (Milk + 1,174), MARITON JB (Milk +1,129), MERCATO JB (Milk +1,117), JOSTIK JB (Milk +1,066) and MIZUNO JB (Milk +1,018).

– Terrific udders : MAULEON JB (UD 128), NANTUA JB (MA 126), NUMERIC JB (UD 125), MAXENT JB (UD 125) and NAZDAK JB (UD 123).



– Type: JITEUF JB (Ty 125), MAULEON JB (Ty 122), MEMORY JB (Ty 120) and LUDIC JB (Ty 120).

Within our progeny tested bulls:

– Milk: HARPON JB (Milk +793), FUNKY JB (Milk +690) and ITACHI JB (Milk +654).


– Terrific udders : FLIPEX JB (UD 121), FRIPON JB (UD 120), GALPAGE JB (UD 118) and HAENDEL JB (UD 116).

– Healthy udders with ABSOLU JB (UdHe +1.9), VALFIN JB (UdHe +1.8) and HIGORA JB (UdHe +1.6).

– An outstanding reproduction with GALPAGE JB (+1.1), HAMID JB (+1.0) and GRANIT JB (+0.8).

– Type : ESPRIT JB (Ty 117), HAENDEL JB (Ty 117), FLASH JB (Ty 117), HONORIS JB (Ty 116) and FLIPEX JB (Ty 115).


16 bulls are available today in female sexed semen at 90%:


Montbeliarde Proofs_Jura Betail_December 2018

New anaerobic digestion and compost survey in Scotland

New anaerobic digestion and compost survey in Scotland

A survey of the Scottish AD and composting sectors has recently commenced. There have been significant developments in this industry in recent years, especially with the recent increase in on-farm AD sites.

This project is being delivered by Enscape Consulting and partner organisations Solidsense Ltd and Cambridge Eco Ltd. A member of the project team will be contacting sites in due course to carry out this survey, to collect data and discuss issues and opportunities for site managers. The resultant report will describe how the sectors are changing, and what the opportunities are for future growth and development. Moreover, the project will provide vital data to allow the Scottish Government and Zero Waste Scotland to understand how policy and support will impact, and can be directed across the different sectors, to assist in growing Scotland’s bio-economy.

If you manage an AD or composting site we hope that you will be able to take some time to participate in this important project. For more information and to register your interest in participating please contact Brian Menzies at Enscape (01569 764883, 0775 270 0939 or


The next Midlands monty meeting is on Thursday 29th November at 7.30 for 8pm. 

There is a change of venue to the Coach and Horses, Fenny Bently Ashbourne.

With  a 3 course meal and a competition for a bit of fun. 

Places must be booked in advance

Anyone is welcome – for more information and to book contact Stuart Cadamy on 07798 750572.


South West Dairy Show

We look forward to welcoming members to the stand at the Dairy Show at the Bath and West Showground next Wednesday 3rd October. As the show season draws to a close take advantage of this last opportunity to find out more about the Montbeliarde breed and all she has to offer!

You will find us in the Edmund Rack Pavillion on Show day, Space number 177.

NB: If there are any committee members available to help on the stand at the show please contact chairman Andrew Cotton.

Dairy Industry Woman of the Year Award

Congratulations to Montbeliarde UK member, Jeanette Prince who was presented with the Dairy Industry Woman of the Year National Award at last week’s presentation dinner.

Jeanette is a Staffordshire organic farmer supplying Arla, farming with her husband Chris they run the Marchside Montbeliarde herd.  She is also a founder member of the Staffordshire Women’s Farming Union, Vice President of Staffordshire YFC and has devoted many days to promoting and progressing the UK dairy industry.

The Regional Award was presented to Ceri Cryer a farmer and cheese maker from Wiltshire who under the Brinkworth dairy brand sells her products to local markets and at London Farmers’ Markets.

Well done Jeanette, a great ambassador for the breed.

Cogent’s Montbeliarde sires now available in SexedULTRA 4M

Cogent Breeding have included two new bulls in their Montbeliarde line-up that are available in revolutionary sexed semen product SexedULTRA 4M.

SexedULTRA 4M is a product designed to double the amount of female sperm cells in an average sexed semen straw, giving a product that rivals conventional semen on conception rates with many UK farmers achieving this.

Compared to some competitor technology which uses a laser to kills male cells, leaving the dead cells in the straw, Cogent’s technology sorts the cells of the desired gender into separate containers. The gender accuracy of the calving’s has been consistently above 90% due to the innovative sorting technology ensuring successful separation of cells.

A tool employed by Cogent, the sexed semen calculator, estimates the difference in profit when switching to a sexed semen strategy. In many cases the cost benefit to using this strategy adds a worth of up to 1ppl in calf revenue with 70% beef calves born in the herd, an increase from 50% in a conventional semen strategy. With a genetic gain in the female replacements, an additional £11.60 per lactation per year can be achieved.

Using an appropriate strategy and management SexedULTRA 4M is not only a profitable choice but also eliminates ethical and management concerns for the farmer.

View the bull proofs here:


Merckx jb for web Malox jbfor web

High yielding Montbeliarde herd to welcome visitors on 27th September 2018

High yielding Montbeliarde cows and genetics imported from France, and modern robotic technology, will be the focus of an open day in County Tyrone on Thursday 27th September.

Organised by the Montbeliarde Society, in conjunction with Lely Center Eglish and Dovea Genetics, the event will be hosted by Newtownstewart dairy farmer and businessman Trevor Wilson, 14 Bunderg Road, BT78 4NQ, from 11am to 3pm.

Mr Wilson’s 65-cow Sawl Herd is one of a small number of pedigree Montbeliarde herds based in Ireland. The cows are managed in a robotic system and are producing an average yield of 10,500 litres at 4.1% butterfat and 3.45% protein.

Dating back to 1889 the red and white Montbeliarde breed originates from a mountainous area in the east of France, and is noted for longevity, health trait, fertility, and milk quality.

Farming started as a hobby for former Greenmount student and civil engineering graduate Trevor Wilson, who now operates the pedigree dairy enterprise alongside a successful construction company. “I was interested in farming from an early age, but there is no history of farming in the family, and our small holding couldn’t sustain a farm business,” explained Trevor who gained most of his practical experience and knowledge working on a neighbouring farm.

Trevor seized the opportunity to purchase adjoining land, and now farms 85 acres which comprises of grass and wholecrop cereals.

The modern dairy unit was built on a green field site and is home to the milking herd and followers. “From the outset my main focus was to produce large volumes of milk with good compositional quality. Shortly after I started the project milk price fell so I decided to invest in economic and functional cows.

Trevor Wilson's modern dairy unit features Lely robotic technology and is home to 65 pedigree Montbeliarde cows and followers. Picture: Julie Hazelton
Trevor Wilson’s modern dairy unit features Lely robotic technology and is home to 65 pedigree Montbeliarde cows and followers. Picture: Julie Hazelton

“My fondness for the Montbeliarde breed came when I attended a sale in England. I was impressed by the fantastic power of the cows – they looked so healthy and had excellent feet and legs.”

Trevor spent two days in France visiting farms. With help from Montbeliarde genetic specialists Coopex, he initially sourced 33 in-calf heifers which were the foundation for the Sawl Herd. A further 16 milking heifers, and 15 maiden heifers, were imported once the Lely Astronaut A4 milking robot was up and running in December 2016.

“Lely is ahead of the competition when it comes to robotic milking technology,” explained Trevor who spent hours researching on websites and youtube.  “I like the Lely Astronaut’s iflow design and the robotic arm under the cow. Lely offers the complete package, including advice on shed design and nutrition. The guys from Lely Center Eglish were a massive help at getting the unit up and running, and really nurtured me along the way,” added Trevor who also invested in Lely’s Discovery barn cleaner, Calm calf feeder, and Juno silage pusher.

The original foundation females are now in third lactation and averaging 35 litres daily. “Cows visit the robot on average 3.3 times per day, and the highest yielding cows in the herd are producing 50 litres,” added Trevor. “All cows and heifers must hit 30 litres or they are sold off the farm.”

Formulated by FarmGate Nutrition, the TMR diet comprises of grass silage and wholecrop barley mixed with a 24% protein blend supplied by local general merchant M Beattie and Son. Cows also receive a 20% protein nut in the robot, fed to a maximum of 11kgs per head per day depending on yield.

The entire herd is housed under the one roof, and heifers calve into the herd at twenty four-months of age. Trevor operates a year round calving pattern with the aim of keeping 50 to 55 cows milking, and 15 dry.

Trevor is impressed with the stature and the overall health of the Montbeliarde breed. “The health status of the herd is excellent, and the only time the vet visits is for routine scanning. The cows are easy calving, and I have no issues with feet or mastitis.

Montbeliarde cattle are also noted for fertility. Trevor uses AI and is averaging 1.6 straws to conception. When it comes to breeding decisions he selects bulls that will maintain milk yields, improve components and further enhance health traits.

Coopex semen is sourced from local supplier Dovea Genetics, and bulls currently featured in the breeding policy include the high production and easy calving Ioupy; the proven bull Hummer, noted for ease of calving and milk; and Elastar, another proven sire with over 3,000 daughters in his proof.

“I’ve started to use more sexed semen,” explained Trevor, who has a ready market for heifer calves from repeat customers. “I keep a number of replacement females annually, and surplus heifers are sold at between three and six weeks-old. Bull calves are also profitable selling for up to £250 at three weeks of age.”

Trevor works full-time and manages the herd with help from a part-time employee who works two days per week. “Lely’s robotic technology is efficient and reliable, and I can keep an eye on things with remote access to the computer using my mobile phone. “

Trevor Wilson manages the 65-cow Sawl Montbeliarde Herd. Picture: Julie Hazelton
Trevor Wilson manages the 65-cow Sawl Montbeliarde Herd. Picture: Julie Hazelton

Visitors to the open day will have an opportunity to hear speakers from the Mountbeliarde Society; Dovea Genetics, Lely Center Eglish and  FarmGate Nutrition.

For further information contact Jim Irwin on 07827 884639, Pearse McNamee on 00353 868106474,or Pat Hackett on 07946 094744.

Outlining plans for the open day are, from left: Pearse McNamee and Pat Hackett, Dovea Genetics; host farmer Trevor Wilson, Newtownstewart; and Jim Irwin, Lely Center Eglish.  Picture: Julie Hazelton
Outlining plans for the open day are, from left: Pearse McNamee and Pat Hackett, Dovea Genetics; host farmer Trevor Wilson, Newtownstewart; and Jim Irwin, Lely Center Eglish. Picture: Julie Hazelton

The Sawl Montbeliarde Herd is averaging 10,500 litres at 4.1% butterfat and 3.45% protein. Picture: Julie Hazelton
The Sawl Montbeliarde Herd is averaging 10,500 litres at 4.1% butterfat and 3.45% protein. Picture: Julie Hazelton

  • The farm will be signposted off the A5 on Newtownstewart bypass, near the Plumbridge and Gortin turnoff.

2018 Open Day & Herds Competition Results

Last Wednesday, 22nd August 2018 we were kindly welcomed to Graham and Amy Morton and family’s Simpsons Farm at Sameslbury, Preston, Lancashire as the venue for our Annual Open Day.

It was a fantastic day for the Monty breed, with a well run farm who were very open and welcoming on their breeding, dairy system and practices, and well over 80 people, a mixture of members, friends and breed enthusiasts were on hand to enjoy the farm, food and presentations from experts such as Duncan Rose of Carrs Billington who discussed the feeding on farm, and Ferreol Roche of Coopex who discussed the breeding.

Well done to our stock judging winners – Jack Gascoigne, Pauline Pilkington and Juniors Thomas Pilkington and Olivia Grindley. Thanks also to our master judge Dave Shorrock of Alta.

Thanks to everyone who made the day a huge success.
If you are a potential new member then membership forms can now be downloaded from our MEMBERS page.
Our next breed promotion will be at Telford as part of UK Dairy Day on 12th September – see you there.

The herds competition results were announced at our AGM on 21st August – the full results can be downloaded here – well done to everyone – visible breed improvement year on year !!

UK Dairy Day 2018

We are delighted to announce that for the first time we will hold a cow in milk class at UK Dairy Day on 12th September- so please embrace this chance to promote the breed and start selecting your prize winning cows and training them now – schedules and more details to follow.

Late last year we invited members to respond to a questionnaire on showing, genomics and selling surplus stock – the response was very poor, but we need your feedback to shape the future of your society – please respond now !!

Save the dates- Montbeliarde UK AGM and Open Day 2018

Montbeliarde UK are delighted to announce that this summers AGM and Open Day will be based in Lancashire on 21st-22nd August, where we will visit the award winning herd of Graham and Amy Morton and family. The AGM will be held on Tuesday 21st August at the Samlesbury Hotel, Samlesbury, Preston

Further details to follow but save the dates now.

Over the last ten years only montbeliarde semen has been used at morton farm

UK Dairy Expo Montbeliarde stand


Thanks to everyone who visited the Montbeliarde UK stand at the recent UK Dairy Expo at Carlisle. Michael Wilson from Blackcombe kindly supplied four heifers for a judging competition.
The final line up was Sara from Coopex who placed them as 2641,2627,2643 and 2617.
Congratulations to the three winners, Linda Wood, Fred Dent and William Wylie, prizes are on the way to them.


Sparrowlee cow wins Midlands Competition

The Midlands Group recently held a meeting at which Ferreol Roche judged cows which members brought along video clips of, for the first competition of its kind there were a number of entries, without the need for preparation, transport or movement off farm.

The victorious cow was Imperiale from John Harvey and family of the Sparrowlee herd, she calved her third on 12th October 2017, and is giving 33.7kg per day, with her last test at 4.40% fat and 3.42% protein with cells of 94. She is a VG87 Brink daughter, and had a Jilbeer daughter this time. Her 2nd lactation was 8170kg and she has done 4303kg in 117 days so far. Well done.





Montbeliarde farmer wins Northern Farmer Dairy Farmer of the Year Award

Graham and Amy Morton and family of Simpsons Farm, Lancashire were crowned Dairy Farmer of the Year at the 2018 Northern Farmer awards presented in front of over 450 guests at the Pavillions, Great Yorkshire Showground, Harrogate on Thursday 15th February. Graham and Amy were selected ahead of the other finalists Angus Gaudie and Ed Goodall for their unique approach to feeding by daily weighing of the milk cows, as outlined in the Farm Feature run in the 2017 The Full Montey.


To see the article click below

mortons at simpsons farm

To see the video of the finalists click below


Final call to register your interest to represent us in France


Montbeliarde UK remind you to let us know asap and no later than Friday 1st December if you wish us to consider sending you to France in Spring 2018 to compete on our behalf at the Paris Show in late February, the representative will be expected to judge 4 or 5 animals and then give a commentary with the aid of an interpreter. This is open to anyone aged 18 to 25 (born 1.3.92 and 27.2.99) and in the first instance if you’d like to be considered for this opportunity please register your interest with Sarah at It is then the intention to hold a training/ selection day on farm in Lancashire in early December 2017, so our entry can be submitted ahead of the closing date. What a chance #montys go to france.

Stock wanted

Again we have had some enquiries for Pure Montbeliardes:
Enquiry 1:
For 20 bulling heifers (around 18 months old) – need to be well grown heifers, from a high health herd with a view to them moving at the end of January (payment possibly beforehand for the right stock). If anybody knows of any heifers for sale please contact the Sarah the Society Secretary
Enquiry 2:
3 to 4 aged cows (8 years +) due to calve in Januray to be used as multi-suckling cows
If you have surplus stock to sell please get in touch as there is demand out there!!
Montbeliarde UK Secretary
01609 748385

Montbeliarde UK bluetongue outbreak statement

Montbeliarde UK is disappointed to learn of an outbreak of Bluetongue recently in the UK, which is reported to be in Montbeliarde cattle imported from France.

The society would just like to say it was unaware of this importation, and it has not been through a supplier or source recommended by ourselves.
We would urge any members and non members to use a reputable and recommended supplier when sourcing any Montbeliarde stock either in the UK or abroad.
If more information is required of recommended suppliers please contact the secretary.


Montbeliardes- the next generation


Montbeliarde UK is delighted to announce two new opportunities following our annual AGM, both of which have huge scope to further the knowledge and experience of young dairy farmers with a passion, interest and enthusiasm for Montbeliardes.

Firstly we hope to send one member to France next Spring to compete on our behalf at the Paris Show in late February, the representative will be expected to judge 4 or 5 animals and then give a commentary with the aid of an interpreter. This is open to anyone aged 18 to 25 (born 1.3.92 and 27.2.99) and in the first instance if you’d like to be considered for this opportunity please register your interest with Sarah at It is then the intention to hold a training/ selection day on farm in Lancashire in early December 2017, so our entry can be submitted ahead of the closing date. What a chance #montys go to france.

Secondly our initiative to encourage new young members – the society has agreed to offer a reduced membership fee for under 30’s with a 50% saving – please again contact the secretary for a membership form – its now only £20 per year for society membership for the under 30’s, #supporting the next generation of monty breeders.

Health and Vitality of the Montbeliarde Breed

In the latest Planet Montbéliarde (August 2017) published by the official Montbeliarde Association in France, the main report was on :  Health and Vitality of the Montbeliarde Breed.

Health and Vitality for the Montbeliarde_Planet Mo_August17

 If you hear some people saying the Montbeliarde cow has a strong temperament, it is true. But keep in mind it is an explanation of her great assets : whether they live in tough conditions, grazing or intensive systems, they are naturally born to ensure fertility and production, and above all, they are naturally born to always choose life !

 Numerous arguments to convince some reluctant breeders to go with Montbeliarde !

 Happy reading


Montbeliarde UK at the Dairy Show 2017

Montbeliarde UK will be at The Dairy Show 2017 at the Bath and West Showground, Shepton Mallet next week.

Wednesday 4th October 2017
Come and visit us on the stand – everyone welcome
You will find us in the Edmund Rack Pavilion – Stand number 132!

Look forward to seeing friends old and new!

stand at bath and west

AGM and Open Day 2017

Just a little reminder that the next event on the Monty calendar is the AGM on Tuesday 5th and the Open Day on Wednesday 6th September in Derbyshire.

The meeting of the AGM itself will be held at The Boars Head Hotel in Sudbury, Derbyshire, DE6 5GX ( at 7pm on the 5th September and as in previous years will finish with a three course meal and great company.

We will also present the results of the 2016 Montbeliarde UK Herds Competition- which has been for pedigree registered animals – all on automatic entry.

The cost of the meal is £21.95 per head, whilst the venue does not require a pre-order for the meal this year, we must have confirmed numbers for the meal by no later than Saturday 26th August. 

Wednesday 6th September will involve a farm visit to Phillip and Kate Smith of Smiths Farming Ltd, Lower Castle Hayes Farm, Needwood, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, DE13 9PH for our Annual Open Day.

This is a 300 cow unit, which calves mainly in June and July and is on 2nd and 3rd cross with the Montbeliarde. There will be a few presentations and competitions during the day and lunch provided as well.

Anyone requiring further details or to book your place for the AGM/Open Day please contact the Secretary: 01609 748385 or email:

p1010648 p1010639

Hi Peak Organic Feeds OPEN DAY

hi peak logo
Hi Peak and the Soil Association invite you to a Farm Walk at:
New Holbeck Farm, Radley Road, Halem, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG22 8ATAdding Value To Organic Dairy

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Programme of events
11.00 – Introduction to New Holbeck Farm – Ian Sharman (Organic Dairy Farmer)
11.20 – Market trends in the UK organic dairy sector and beyond – Liz Bowles, Soil Association
11.50 – Advances in crossbreeding for dairy cow performance – Liam Healy, Genus ABS
12.15 – Maximising lifetime performance from the dairy herd – Tom Tolputt, Farm Consultancy Group
12.45 – Innovative Farmers, an introduction – Liz Bowles, Soil Association
13.00 – Lunch (kindly provided by Devenish)
14.00 to 15.30 – Farm Walk and TalkTo register for ‘Adding Value to Organic Dairy’ Farm Walk, please email Sophie Wilson using the link below

or alternatively, you can call Sophie on 0114 248 0608.
Registration is free, but places are limited.
devenish hi peak logo

June proofs – the latest from Jura Betail

With the summer, comes our new sire directory! Top genomic and progeny tested bulls, diversity, performances,…

Here are the key points of this new proof release :



For the 8th proof release, Jura-Betail maintains his leadership position giving you the number 1 of the breed. Still within our Healthy range,JORDREN JB has indisputable production qualities: Milk +563, Prot +1.7 and Fat +3.1. Great on all his functional traits, this sire will give you easy to manage cows. Within the same range, HOLDING JB, with 29 daughters, has a complete profile combining Milk (+475), Fertility (+1.7) and Udder (124, Udder Health +0.9). Under our Protein range, GAZIER JB mixing Milk (+682) and content (Prot +1.2 Fat +2.6). Very good in Fertility (+1.3), this ENJOUE JB’s son will give you small cows, strong on their feet and legs.

Among the young bulls, MAXIMO JB joins the Milk&Meat range: 133 in Type, 128 in Udder, +453 in Milk with positive content. With a different profile, MAGIC JB will bring dairy potential (Milk +566, Prot +1.3, Fat +0.3), Fertility, strong feet and legs and a great Udder.

Udder quality has to be noted here: among the 19 new genomic sires, the Udder index average is 120! More than 1.5 standard deviation!!

Along with this extraordinary asset, Jura-Bétail offers diversity as well since those 19 young bulls are born from 17 different sires.



Within young bulls:

Milk: JOSTIK JB (Milk +1 090), JITEUF JB (Milk +945) and HARPON JB (Milk +913).

Terrific udders : MAXIMO JB (UD 128), MAXENT JB (UD 127), MAGIC JB (UD 123), LUDIC JB (UD 123), JAMICAL JB (UD 122), LEXIC JB(UD 122) and JILAIN JB (UD 122).





Within our progeny tested bulls:

Milk: FRANGY JB (Milk +1 159), FLIPEX JB (Milk +756) and FUNKY JB (Milk +749).


Terrific udders : HOLDING JB (UD 124), FRIPON JB (UD 123), FLIPEX JB (UD 122), GALPAGE JB (UD 122), GHANA JB (UD 119) andFRANGY JB (UD 117).

Healthy udders with VALFIN JB (UDHe +1,8), ABSOLU JB (UDHe +1,8), FUVEAU JB (UDHe +1,2) and GROG JB (UDHe +1,1).




12 bulls remain available today in female sexed semen at 90%:


A new offer will be sent on September 1st with 5 new sires.

 for further details contact:


Export Manager

Tel : +33 (0)7 61 93 35 35                          

 Jura Bétail – Your Montbeliarde supplier

The latest from the Midlands Group…

The Midlands group met again on the 20th April, Stuart Cadamy reports…

A warm early Summer evening, an even warmer welcome from the Brookes family combined with a great herd of Monty’s to view made for a very special farm walk.
Will Brookes opened the evening by giving a background outline. He informed us that it was really his Father who purchased the first Montbeliarde crossbreds which they liked and this eventually was the catalyst for change.
With more purchases of both pure and crossbreds, numbers have increased dramatically.
Will’s son Matthew explained the day to day running of this family farm and then the 50+ people went to inspect the milking herd, in calf heifers and younger heifers.
The evening concluded with some of the best farm house baking in the county thanks to Will’s wife, Mel, ably assisted by daughters Gemma and Holly.
The evening was closed by society chairman Pete Wood presenting Mel with a large arrangement of flowers and our sincere thanks to all the Brookes family at Nothill.

Monty2-c Monty3-c Monty4-c Monty6-c

Save the Date! – 2017 AGM

The society is pleased to announce the following date for the 2017 AGM:

5th and 6th September 2017  in Staffordshire

Following the same format as recent years, members will meet for the annual dinner and AGM including the announcement of the Society Milk Records competition for the 2016/17 recording year on the evening of the 5th September.

On the 6th September the Society will host its annual open day by kind permission of Smiths Farming Ltd – Needwood Montbeliardes. Phillip and Kath Smith will welcome visitors from all over the UK to Lower Castle Hayes Farm, Needwood, Burton on Trent, to view their herd of 300 cows.

Further details to follow

Jura Betail invite to Progeny visits

Everybody is welcome on  July 12 and 13th to  Jura for their annual Summer Montbeliarde Tour when you will be able to view offspring from sires such as


You are welcome to arrive on the Tuesday evening so you can start early on the Wednesday, and leave on the Friday so!

To organize logistic and accommodations, booking needs to be confirmed by June 20 at the latest.
For more details and to book contact

Hélène DUBARLE, Export Manager, Tel : +33 (0)7 61 93 35 35

Jura Bétail

Midlands Group meeting

The next meeting of the Midlands group will be

on the 10th May 2017 at 7pm

By kind permision of W G, G M & M BROOKES



All are welcome

Successful UK Dairy Expo – Judging Results

Many visited the Montbeliarde UK trade stand at UK Dairy Expo on Saturday 11th March, with over 60 people entering our calf judging competition on the stand.

Ferreol Roche (Coopex) agreed to master judge the pen of four maiden heifers kindly supplied by Messrs Wilson (Blackcombe Montbeliardes). The final placings were Y (388) X (390) B (422) A(426), with just four people having the correct placings, congratulations to the winners:

Martin Ellis, David Cotton, Rob Warburton and EA Kitching

calves in pen at expo

(Correct order of calves from left to right YXBA)

Thanks to members who joined us on the day, to support us welcoming and talking to visitors on the stand and once again to Michael Wilson and Laura Teesdale for bringing the calves and making the first show for the Society such a success!

Montbeliarde Consignment Sale: Date Announced 26th April 2017

HH Harrison and Hetherington


Montbeliardes – Looking to sell….   Looking to buy…

Montbeliarde UK are pleased to announce the forthcoming Consignment Sale at Borderway Mart in association with auctioneers Harrison and Hetherington.

Sale Date: Wednesday 26th April 2017

If you have stock to sell, this provides the perfect opportunity –

Entries for the sale close on Wednesday 12th April.

Anyone requiring further details please contact:

H & H Pedigree Office – 01228 406230

Auctioneer – Glyn Lucas – 07711 610255

Auctioneer – Andrew Templeton – 07778 808464


The Society hopes you will support the sale, either by consigning or attending on sale day!

Keep checking back for further updates…


Student looking for work experience

We have had a student from Sparsholt College with an interest in Montbeliardes contact us to see if any members would offer her a three week placement in late February – early March.
If you can help and could use the help please get in touch with the secretary for her contact details.

Visit Jura in France

On the March 22 2017 will be our Montbeliarde Genetic Day at the Parc Expo in Dole.

It’s an inescapable meeting for Jura-Bétail and all Montbeliarde lovers around the world and we would be pleased to welcome you and enjoy with you 3 days in the Jura area.

Without any delay:-

Have a look at the detailed programme enclosed,

Book the dates in your diary,

and let us know as soon as possible about your coming!


Happy New Year – 2017 selfie??

Montbeliarde UK would like to wish all members and friends all the best for 2017.

Planning and production of the 2017 Full Montey magazine is well underway.
If you have any suggestions of content or are interested in either member or commercial advertising please email the secretary.

And for a bit of fun we’d like to include a picture gallery of Monty Selfies – so get that phone camera and yourself out and about with your cows – and submit them by email no later than Monday 6th February for inclusion!  There will be a small prize for the best photo !


December Figures from Jura


Either young or progeny tested, Jura-Bétail bulls confirmed their positions on the podium in 2016.



JORDREN JB keeps his position as the leader of the breed with 170 points of ISU. He maintains all his qualities (milk, content, udder health, reproduction and type) and comes in our offer among the Healthy range with a perfect profile suitable for milk robots.

HARPON JB, for his 6th proofs release remains within the Top 3 bulls of the breed. Still in our Protein range he is ranked +1 020 in milk index and +1.1 in Protein.

Among the new bulls, let’s have a look at LIROUD JB who, with 150 points of ISU, fits into the most performing and outcross sires: within the Top40 bulls, LIROUD JB is the n°1 having the lowest female parentage coefficient. Along with this, he has an outstanding type (121), a very good udder (120) and a good ratio between Protein (+1.5) and Milk (+401).


Among the other new young bulls, if you are looking for:

– Milk: JOSTIK JB (Milk +1 201), HARPON JB (Milk +1 020) and LOGALY JB (Milk +987).

– Genetic variability: LIROUD JB, a son of IROUD JB and JELINEK JB, a son of HELLEAN JB.

– Outstanding Udders: JUSSIEU JB (UD 124), LANZAC JB (UD 124), ITEMPLE JB (UD 123), JAMICAL JB (UD 122), LIROUD JB (UD 120), JELINEK JB (UD 119).



Not only Jura-Bétail keeps its position of leader with JORDREN JB, but also the selection unit confirms its know-how with FLIPEX JB.

With 127 daughters, a reliability of 93%, #1 among progeny tested sires for the 3rd consecutive proofs release, FLIPEX JB has proven his abilities to bring our distributors and breeders a dairy potential much higher than average with positive contents (Milk +915, Prot +1.2, Fat +0.5) along with an extraordinary quality of udders.

FRANGY JB, after his release this summer, keeps an exceptional milk level with +1 173 combined to a very good udder quality (119) and healthy (Udder Health +0.8).

FAGUET JB comes with 148 points of ISU with a strong potential in our Protein range: Protein +2.4 and Fat +4.3. He is also very good in functional traits (Udder health +1.0 and Repro +0.8).

Even if CRUMBLE JB is not new, his consistency in his progenies’ qualities is remarkable: a good ratio between Protein (+1.4) and Milk (+231), with good functional traits (Udder Health +1.0 – Fert +0.3 – Long +0.7), easy calving (92), strong on feet and legs (122) and a very good udder (121).



14 bulls are available today in female sexed semen at 90%:



Montbeliarde Herd Dispersal

If you are looking from Montbeliarde cattle make sure you are at Melton Mowbray Market on Friday 25th November.
The complete dispersal sale of the milking herd comprising of 120 mainly Montbeliarde cows, including some high quality pedigree French Montbeliardes and 40 followers will go under the hammer on behalf of S & R Vallance.
Sale starts at 11am, catalogues will be available prior to the sale, or can be downloaded following the link below:


2014-2015 National Herds Competition Results

Many thanks to all members who joined us at Newby Bridge on 6th September for the AGM, when last years herds competition results were announced. Results attached.
On the 7th September we were welcomed by the Wilson family to the Blackcombe herd, where the sun shone and over 60 members and friends enjoyed a varied, interesting day in the sun, seeing a tremendous herd of top class Montbeliardes. a great thanks to our hosts for a great visit !


Photos to follow


Please can you make sure that you have notified the secretary on 01609 748385 or emailed by the end of today Thursday 1st September with your menu choices for next weeks AGM at Newby Bridge on Tuesday 6th September.
There is still time to book places for the annual open day on the 7th at the Wilson’s, Blackcombe herd as well.
Don’t forget the annual herds competition results will be announced at the AGM, which is automatic entry to all members – the results are now in and there are some new herds and animals in the top 10 in each category – why not come along to see if it’s you !!

Montbeliarde UK AGM – fast approaching

By now all members should have had notice of the AGM to be held on Tuesday 6th September in Cumbria at the Newby Bridge Hotel, if you plan to attend please book menu choices ASAP with Sarah Liddle the secretary on 01609 748385.
The Open Day is on 7th September from 10.45am at the Wilson family’s renowned Blackcombe herd, again please let Sarah know if you plan to attend for catering purposes- all welcome – members and non members alike! It’s a massive opportunity to see pure and crossbred cattle and meet monty enthusiasts!

New Montbeliarde ProCROSS offering from ABA Viking

A typical ProCROSS, Viking Red x Montbeliarde x Viking Holstein – providing greater benefit than other breed combinations from health traits, efficient production and genetic diversity according to ABA Viking

PC cow at grass

ABA Viking to market ProCROSS bull line-up

ProCROSS – the only three-way dairy crossbreeding programme in the world to be underpinned by independent research – will be marketed in the UK by ABA Viking.

Greater emphasis will also be placed on genomic bulls, in line with customer expectation to be at the forefront of scientific advance.

ProCROSS is the rotational breeding of Montbeliarde over Viking Red and Holstein. Three-way crossbreeding is more successful where there is the most genetic diversity, while maximising the complementary strengths, between each of the breeds.

The ProCROSS combination outperformed others in independent trials at the University of Minnesota as a result of the higher production potential of Viking Red and Montbeliarde, compared with the other Red and Alpine dairy breeds.

Roger Trewhella of ABA Viking commented: “It will be far easier for farmers to be able to source those sires best suited to ProCROSS among the Viking Reds, Montbeliardes and Viking Holsteins.

“The research, coupled with fifteen years practical experience, which ProCROSS is based on, gives farmers confidence and removes the lottery of choosing breeds and sires at random.”

This marketing agreement follows the termination of the previous arrangement with ABS Genus, and becomes operational from 1st October 2016.

Montbeliarde UK backs the BVD free Campaign

The BVDFree England scheme was launched on the 1st July 2016. Montbeliarde UK as a Society has agreed to support the national scheme and would encourage all our members to read the attached factsheets and enrol in the scheme that is focussed on eliminating BVD. If anyone has any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Farmer step by step guide to BVDFree

BVDFree farmer flyer

BVDFree BVD Factsheet

BVDFree registration form

Open evening in Staffordshire on 16th June

There will be a open evening at 7.30pm on Thursday 16th June by kind permission of Phillip and Kath Smith, Lower Castle Hayes, Needwood, Burton On Trent, Staffs DE13 9PH.
All members and friends are welcome to attend, refreshments will be provided with donations to charity.
For more details contact Pete Wood on 07815 790522.
If you are interested in Montbeliardes and cross breeding be sure to come along!

2016 Montbeliarde UK AGM and Open Day

This years AGM and Open Day date has now been set.

The AGM will be on the evening of 6th September and on the 7th September (the following day) we will enjoy a herd visit to the fantastic Blackcombe herd of Michael Wilson and family at Monk Foss Farm, Millom, Cumbria. Michael will be well known to members and non members alike as a past Chairman of Montbeliarde Uk and his herd is renowned for both type and production – as last years inaugural Herds Competition showed.

More details will follow – including the AGM and meal venue, but put the date in the diary now !

Montbeliarde UK member judges in France

Nicholas Perrodin

Many members who attended the 2015 Montbeliarde Uk AGM and Open Day would meet one of our French members, Nicholas Perrodin, who has recently judged the Concours Général de Paris where the National Montbeliarde show was held on 28th of February in Paris during the Agriculture show.

We hope Nicholas enjoyed his day, and will be in the UK visiting us again soon.

To see more about the show and the results follow the link


UK Dairy Expo

Please consider visiting the Montbeliarde stand at the UK Dairy Expo on 12th March – Borderway Mart, Carlisle.
If your’re a local member and can spare a few hours to help ‘man’ the stand that would be greatly appreciated as well.
Our stand in number 44 – see you there!

Montbeliarde Classification Workshop and Open Day

monty classification workshop monty classification workshop 2


It was a very interesting and useful day when Meurig James and his team of classifiers joined a group of members and non members at the Cotton family’s Ridgedale Herd near Stoke on Trent on Wednesday 2nd March. Everyone enjoyed great hospitality, a farm walk and lunch. We also had the chance to discuss the direction of the breed and classification, with members keen to keep strength as a main factor in the breed going forward.

Classification Workshop

Montbeliarde UK is delighted to announce a Classification Workshop on 2nd March 2016.

If attending please use postcode ST10 4HY in your sat nav.

The day will commence at 10-10.30am with the classification workshop and then there will be chance to view the herd.

This is be open to all members and will be held by kind permission of Andrew and Teresa Cotton at High Ridges Farm, Tean, Stoke On Trent, Staffordshire, ST10 4HZ.

Please book places if you plan to attend with the secretary, it is hoped a second workshop will be held further north later in the year.
This will be your opportunity to shape the type of animals which the classifiers score in each category and be an important part of the breeds development going forward.

Coopex Progeny Show and Trip – still time to book a place…

COOPEX Progeny Show 2016

Coopex invites you to join them for the Umotest Show 2016.

3500 persons, 200 foreign visitors from more than 25 countries of the 5 continents will travel to Besançon to see progeny of new Montbeliarde sires.

Anyone interested in attending should confirm their participation with Coopex before January the 15th.

Full details of the trip, including a booking form can be found here:

 COOPEX Show 2016- for web

The Coopex Team

Happy New Year!

Montbeliarde UK wishes friends and members all the best for 2016.

Annual memberships are now due as per letters sent out last month, please complete your standing order forms and return them to your bank.