Montbeliarde Stock Sales

Looking to buy Montbeliarde cows, or wishing to sell some of your herd, please see below for more information.

Cattle for Sale

Knock Cross has Mature stock bull for sale

We have a mature stock bull for sale - impressive milking daughters on farm at Knock Cross, give us a call to find out more

For more information Contact:

Gary and Kate Simpson
Knock Cross Farm, Long Marton
CA16 6DT
01768 361946 or 07790 078372

We have 15 pure Montbeliarde embryos for sale - contact us for information on their breeding, price and availability

For more information Contact:

Mr Hill



Cattle Wanted

Bulling heifers wanted for end of January

We have had an enquiry from somebody looking to purchase around 20 bulling heifers (around 18 months old) - need to be well grown heifers, from a high health herd with a view to them moving at the end of January (payment possibly beforehand for the right stock). If anybody knows of any heifers for sale please contact the Sarah the Society Secretary

For more information Contact:

Montbeliarde UK Secretary

01609 748385